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How Our Process Differs from Private Companies
Our process at Reynolds & Associates Inc. is different from other debt relief services you might get through a private company, you pay that company upfront and they will negotiate with your creditors individually.

The problem with this approach is that one company may not agree to their deal and end up suing the customer, and then everything comes crumbling down. Not to mention that you are stuck paying upfront for the private company’s services, whether or not they were successful with their negotiations on your behalf.

Licensed by the Government for Debt Settlements

When you come to Reynolds & Associates Inc., you get peace of mind in the knowledge that we are licensed by the Canadian Government and are experts in handling your debt settlement process.

We submit consumer proposals, which involve a legal stay of proceedings, meaning our customers cannot be contacted by their creditors for 45 days. During this time, your creditors must decide if they wish to accept our offer or refuse it. This allows each creditor to know what they’re getting back, and if 50.01% of your creditors accept the deal, then it becomes a legally binding agreement. We do not ask you to pay for our services upfront, and we can deal with any kind of debt you may have, including mortgages, student loans, income taxes, etc.

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