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Whether you have student loan debt, credit card debt, or mortgage and car payments to manage, come to Reynolds & Associates Inc. for debt counselling in North Bay, Sudbury, and Espanola. Our licensed counsellors work closely with you to help you achieve debt relief, tailoring our debt counselling services to fit your particular financial needs. We specialize in debt consolidation and management solutions for businesses and individuals like consumer proposals, debt settlements, and bankruptcies. Learn more about debt counselling provided by Reynolds & Associates Inc. below.

Debt Settlements

Debt settlement is the process of consolidating your debt into one manageable payment made directly to us. We will pay your creditors at 0% interest for your convenience. We will provide credit counselling along the way to ensure that you, or your business in the Sudbury/North Bay area, is able to get back to running smoothly.

Consumer Proposals

The first step in managing your debt is to fill out a consumer proposal. This process allows you to restructure your finances, protect your assets, and prepare a foundation from which you can regain your financial standing. Our credit counsellors will gladly walk you through this arrangement and the next steps that would best fit you.

Once you fill out a consumer proposal, we will talk to all your creditors on your behalf to pursue debt consolidation. The creditors will be legally bound to stop harassing you, which can give you peace of mind.


Depending on your situation, bankruptcy may be the best way to solve your financial struggles. This is an often viable solution to managing debt, and our credit counsellors will help you evaluate the merits of this option for your specific circumstances. We will help you understand the process and answer any concerns you have about bankruptcy.

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Industry Canada has licensed us to provide safe and secure debt settlement to our clients. Contact Reynolds & Associates Inc. today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. For your convenience, we have offices in Sudbury, Espanola, and North Bay. Debt counselling with our licensed counsellors can help you on the road to financial freedom. Whether through a consumer proposal, debt settlement, or bankruptcy, we will find a debt relief solution that fits your financial situation best.

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