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How Does Debt Consolidation in Ontario Work?

If your personal or business finances leave you stressed and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Debt consolidation in Ontario can occur through debt settlements, but they are often customized for your unique situation. As they may or may not require your creditors and debtors’ consent, and they may require several methods to be effective, like consumer proposals or Ontario credit counselling, choosing the right strategy for you can be an involved process. Typically, the process may include any of the steps below, such as:


– Liquidating assets
– Making a debt management plan
– Credit counselling
– Refinancing existing loans
– Contacting creditors for negotiations or settlements


Reynolds & Associates has provided debt help to North Bay, Sudbury, and Espanola households and companies through debt consolidation since 2006. So, don’t spend another minute dealing with overwhelming debt. Let our professional, registered insolvency counsellors work with you to find the debt settlement solutions that work best for your situation. When you struggle to make ends meet or pay bills on time, we can provide support and safety. Learn more about how our debt consolidation company can help Sudbury, Espanola, and North Bay residents with debt help.

Debt Consolidation with Government Protection

We are federally licensed and federally regulated. The government has assessed our experience and education, and we must follow a strict code of ethics to provide our services. We offer certain benefits, including:

One Monthly Payment – We can consolidate your debt into one manageable monthly payment. Say goodbye to separate credit cards, line of credit, income tax debt, and student loan payments.

Automatic 0% Interest – Bring your interest rate down to 0% when you consolidate with us. You will feel very relieved knowing your money goes straight to the principle amount and not too high-interest rates.

Protection from Creditors – The worst part about debt is the harassment from creditors. We will deal with them for you and ensure they don’t call, garnish your wages, or sue you while you’re under our care.

Confidential Services – Our services are always confidential, and we protect your financial information. We understand how difficult it can be to contact professionals for support, and we honour your commitment to achieving financial freedom.

Team Up with Reynolds & Associates for Ontario Debt Consolidation

When you contact Reynolds & Associates for debt settlement in North Bay, we’ll help you take the pressure off of a tough situation. Our compassionate and experienced team can help you navigate Ontario debt consolidation with ease.

Once you file a consumer proposal, we will work tirelessly to help you take control of your financial situation. We offer free assessments and in-depth analyses of your personal finances. You’ll also receive credit counselling to ensure you never have to worry about debt settlement again.

Plus, you can feel secure knowing you’re backed by our No Fee Guarantee. While we arrange terms with your creditors, you will not pay any up-front fees. Or if the creditors reject your proposal, you won’t have to pay anything. We do not earn a fee unless your consumer proposal is accepted by the creditors.

Please call for complete details. We’ve outlined how the process could work below, for your convenience.
1. Have a consultation with Reynolds and Associates
2. We deal with your creditors, if necessary
3. We help you pay a fraction of what you owe
4. We assist you in making a single monthly payment that fits your budget
5. We help protect your essential assets and your family’s quality of life
6. You pay no interest
7. You achieve financial freedom

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