Financially Debt-Free

Dear David, Susan & Team:
Thank you for helping me be financially debt-free! May each of you be generously blessed in the richness of God’s love!

An Answer to My Prayers

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me in having such a business of HELP! You people have been an answer to my desperate prayers for “A WAY OUT” of the financial tangle in which I nearly buried myself.

Thanks Big Time

Your TV advertisement was a perfect picture illustration of what I needed and the easy to memorize phone number stayed in my head until I could get it written down! Over and above all that – to think David would come to the “Centre” to talk to me so I didn’t have to drive so far in winter storms – you deserve a big thanks. I am healing from the crisis that put me in the “Centre” and the “lift” out of my financial blunders. Your friendship and kindness is a blessing to me. Thanks big time.

A Million Thanks

A Million Thanks! Thank you Sue and Dave for being so kind and for caring and understanding. Thank you also for being so generous. It is greatly appreciated.

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