Who we are

Reynolds and Associates Inc. consists of a group of professionals, who help you manage your financial strains; especially when you are in debt. We have been licensed by the Canadian government, so we definitely are legit. We help get your debt to be interest-free debt through a legal process called consumer proposals.

At Reynolds, we offer a range of services and, in the post below, we are focusing on how you can stop a strain on your financial life and debts. The first step to solving any problem is having some level of education about it.  That is what we are offering to you right now. We will first educate you in Consumer Proposals and Bankruptcies so you can make an informed decision.

We are different!

We operate by a different system than other debt relief companies or services. You also get legal protection from your creditors, including the government for income taxes. We don’t need to get ALL your creditors to accept your settlement; this legislation goes by a voting system and once the majority of creditors vote ‘yes’, it automatically includes everyone else, even if they said “no”.

You and your pay are safe in a Consumer Proposal. First:  you do not have to pay anything upfront.  Once your debt settlement has been accepted, the only thing you pay is the settlement.  That’s it.  We do not put pressure on you or your finances like your current debts and other debt aid companies do.

All we need to do is submit a consumer proposal on your behalf.  This involves a legal chain of proceedings. This, in turn, means that you, as our customer, cannot be contacted by your creditors for payment.  It will take 45 days to get the Consumer Proposal accepted by creditors.  But, in that time, you will not have to make payments to them.  This allows you an opportunity to breathe and have time to recover from the pressure you’ve been under.

During the 45 day process, your creditors decide whether or not to accept the Consumer Proposal. And if they do (which is extremely likely), it thus becomes a legal agreement that creditors cannot break.

Are you in debt? Contact us: [email protected] and LET US HELP YOU!